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Race Victory For Glenn Coldenhoff At Dutch Masters Of Motocross

  |   Dutch Masters of Motocross

Glenn Coldenhoff of the Standing Construct KTM Team claimed a race victory during the second round of the Dutch Masters of Motocross at Axel.  This was a great motivator for Coldenhoff who had gone through a bad patch.


Coldenhoff qualified second, which gave him a confidence boost for the races. “Alad, I had a bad start in race one and made a few initial errors. I took the time to find my rhythm, and then locked onto Arnaud Tonus. I crashed after a jump and lost a lot of time. I managed to repass Pauls Jonass, but fifth was the best for me in this race. “


The switch came on in race two and Glenn claimed the holeshot. This time he fell into his groove straight away. “This race was perfect, although I was under pressure from Arminas Jasikonis all the time. I managed to keep him behind me, and this was a serious confidence boost after a few difficult months.”


With a fifth place and a race win, Glenn was second overall for the day. He has also risen to second in the championship standings. His next focus is on the GP of Lombardy at Mantova, Italy, next weekend.


Overall Dutch Masters 500 Axel:

1 Arminas Jasikonis 47 Pnt

2 Glenn Coldenhoff 41 Pnt

3 Jeremy Seewer 36 Pnt

4 Arnaud Tonus 36 Pnt

5 Pauls Jonass 35 Pnt


Championship Standings Dutch Masters 500:

1 Arminas Jasikonis 97 Pnt

2 Glenn Coldenhoff 79 Pnt

3 Pauls Jonass 67 Pnt

4 Max Anstie 60 Pnt

5 Petar Petrov 55 Pnt